Room for <SALE>


Studio type to Family type room
Quality real estate of popular areas are constantly listed especially for  foreigners, introducing rooms with management systems and security. Rooms with views of Mt. Fuji, with storage space, and with parking lots can be searched.

Bilingual staff and experts
In order to achieve a smooth process of sale and contract, our bilingual staff and experts on taxation, law and finance will assist customers with care.

Easier to find properties than renting
The Japanese rental market is not fully developed and there are rental conditions that are hard to understand. When purchased, rooms can be modified freely and renewal fees will not be necessary. Affiliated construction company is also available.

Your Apartment can be an investment
The rooms can be rented after returning to your home country. With Airbnb or condominium style, the rooms will be available when visiting Japan. All of these management and operation support can be provided by our company.


Merit of owning Apartment in Japan
<For international students>
The standard one bedroom is ¥80,000 / month. One year’s rent is ¥ 960, 000. Four years is ¥3,840,000.
If you purchase a ¥ 8,000,000 property (1 or 2 bedroom), the purchase expense can be paid off in several years by renting it as it is after returning home. Purchasing is recommended when considering restrictions on leasing and yield.